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Iluria Advisory Board Application

Iluria Advisory Panel Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to be on the advisory panel of Iluria. With your help, our precision medicine platform for ADHD can revolutionize treatment monitoring and engagement, as well as improving the quality of life for children with ADHD and their parents. We encourage you to read this application page and then if you remain interested submitted an advisory board panel on the form below. 

Iluria Product Video & Pitch Deck

Before you apply, we encourage you to watch a video of our product here and we also encourage you to look at our company pitch deck here.

Iluria Executive Summary

Approximately 7 million American children have ADHD, which is one of the most prevalent childhood disorders. The initial medication prescribing for ADHD is complicated as parents are reluctant to use such medications due to the uncertainty about effectiveness and side effects; considerable inter-individual variability in the response between medication classes; wide inconsistency in the optimal dose for each individual; and the inter-individual variability in duration of stimulant medication effect (fast/slow metabolizing children).

All of this causes delays in benefitting from the treatment as families often settle for a sub-par but not optimal response. Frustration also causes families to become less adherent or even stop giving their child medication at all, over 50% of families discontinue stimulant treatment within 90 days. 

If not properly treated, ADHD holds severe long term negative outcomes, such as academic failure, juvenile delinquency, onset of additional mental health disorders and high unnatural death rates. There are also enormous labor costs carried by healthcare providers and insurers, as annual treatment costs per ADHD child in the US can reach $16k.

Iluria's proprietary software provides evidence based, objective, continuous and clinically ADHD treatment monitoring. The software analyzes physiological markers that are already clinically associated with ADHD. These markers are retrieved from commercial level wearable devices. Iluria's software proprietary machine learning engine include several layers of algorithms which analyze the changes in such physiological markers. By this our solution can identify the time units with the medication physiological impact and then apply in-depth analysis which captures the personal treatment patterns. 

How the Advisory Panel Functions.

We host Zoom meetings periodically to exchange thoughts on strategic topics and in some cases, specific projects are given to specific advisors that have specific expertise and these individuals might get more involved in the company.

Advisory panel members are also given the option and opportunity to make a $25K+ angel investment for preferred stock in the company so they have some skin in the game. Many advisors use an IRA/401K to invest. Our advisors often enjoy investing because it gives them the opportunity to get a return on investment if we are successful and for them to become a larger shareholder in the company. 

Our advisors also make helpful introductions to their network to help our startup succeed. Our advisory panel strategy centers around crowdsourcing knowledge for the company. In parallel of pursuing VC/PE, we also decided to make this a grassroots movement of people interested in the mission of our company. 

Please apply as a next step by submitting the form below! If our advisory panel committee likes your application, you will be invited to proceed to the next step which is a call with our CEO & Co-founder Hagay Levy.