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Improving the quality of life for children with ADHD and their parents

Our software analyzes physiological markers to enhance ADHD patient engagement
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ADHD treatment effectiveness is a black box

Shed Light. Gain Control.

Objective Monitoring
Enhancing subjective manual processes
Effortless Awareness
Continuous automatic
Physiological Data
Proven science. Aggregated data
Data Sharing
Data-based calibration analysisinstead of
trial & error
Early Warnings
Know when an action
needs to be taken
Peace of Mind
Maintain constant awareness that
your child is on the right track

analysis using AI

Physiological input using commercial level wearables

We continuously collect changes in physiological vitals from smart wearables, including movement, heart rate, heart rate variability and more...‏

Machine learning-based algorithms

Data is analyzed by Iluria machine learning algorithms and a clear report is provided

Know whats is best
for your child
Based on data

Daily Duration of
Physiological Impact

Find out average physiological impacton a daily basis

Calibration Analysis

Ensure your child receives the most accurate and objective feedback

Effortless Awarness

Child’s well-being
Personal impact curves
Impact Peak
Duration of impact

Accurate Calibration

Progress visibility
Titration support
Raw data


Continually monitor the your child

Raw data for
Additional Analysis

Share all the data with relevant stakeholders

Real-time Warnings

Iluria's technology enables me to better manage ADHD and reduce the trial and error element.
Albert Feigelson
ADHD Behavioral Analyst

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children with ADHD and their parents using accurate and effortless analysis
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