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No more trial & error ADHD management

Using accurate and effortless analysis

ADHD management is a black box

Parents and professionals rely on subjective monitoring and trial and error processes

But that was before Iluria...
Iluria is a validated software that provides in-depth continuous and passive monitoring using any commercial smart wearable. By detecting any ADHD-related pattern, Iluria sheds light on the treatment's physiological impact, helps parents manage their children' life with ADHD.
Iluria gives parents peace of mind knowing their ADHD children live healthy and happy lives.

Iluria completed two very successful clinical trials with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Clalit Health Services (the world's second-largest HMO with ~5M patients under management).
I am the proud father of four children with ADHD, and I am familiar with the frustration of not really getting feedback while managing ADHD. Trial and error always felt like guesswork. I set out on a mission to leverage bioinformatics to shed light on ADHD for good
Hagay Levy
Co. Founder & CEO

Iluria was founded in 2018 by experienced professionals
in the fields of bioinformatics, medical devices and ADHD.

Hagay Levy
Co. Founder & CEO
Former C-level executive in various Hi-Tech companies with over 23 years of business & managerial experience; Deep acquaintance with the ADHD field
Ran Izraeli
Corporate Development
A business and venture capital professional with extensive experience in early-stage startups.
Noam Katz
Data Lead
completing his PhD in machine learning and anomaly detection. Experience in data mining, big data learning, developing ML algorithms and leading engineering teams.
Birkat Klimshtein Levy
Co. Founder & Director
Owner at Hoshen-PM. +20 years' experience in project and financial management.
Prof. Liran Carmel
Scientific Advisor
Expert in computational biology, bioinformatics & genetics, Department of Genetics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Itai Berger
Medical Advisor
Formerly head of the pediatric neurology unit and neuro cognitive center at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children with ADHD and their parents using accurate and effortless analysis
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